The Land

Land Management is key in agriculture.

I nurture and grow healthy soil which better holds water/rain in order to grow plants which capture solar energy via photosynthesis.  And, solar energy is the basis of pretty much everything on Earth.  Healthy soils equal healthy plants equal healthy grazers...equal a healthy ecosystem.

To the healthy land, I "simply" apply the grazing herd of Peeler Texas Longhorns on a careful grazing plan.  Part of my grazing plan is to grow and graze all of the herd's grass requirements on the ranch.  Therefore, hay equipment, tractors, diesel fuel and fumes, flat tires, and/or other high cost man-made, artificial inputs are avoided.  Winter (non-growing season) feed is stockpiled via un-grazed land/pasture during the growing season.

Correct grazing is key to good land management.