Business of Ranching

With longhorns, as with all of nature in general, the organism and/or even organ requiring the least inputs to survive is most always the organism which survives and dominates over time.  In nature, if an organism does not fit within its natural surroundings, it disappears, becomes extinct..., and another adapted organism, in some way, fills the new void.

I use similar concepts with the Peeler Texas Longhorn ranching business model.  It is a low input ranching operation.  I feel if too many "objections" to a task, an idea, a thought, etc. appear/present themselves, then that item will fail, hence, not be sustainable in my ranching business... That "idea" will eventually die... My ranching business attempts to resemble the original longhorn cattle... Every part is ideal for the environment and requires the minimum provided by nature in order to survive and thrive.  Any extra is wasteful (and most always a "human," unsustainable intervention/desire) and is not sustainable... from many standpoints.

Perhaps a stretch for the term "biomimicry"...? the Peeler Texas Longhorn ranching business attempts to sync with, replicate and mimic nature.