Nature raised perfect longhorns.

As much as knowingly possible, I (Justin Alonzo Peeler) try to replicate nature and allow nature to continue to define the Peeler Longhorn herd.  Similar to how the original longhorns survived and thrived, Peeler Longhorns still exist on natural range conditions with minimal human intervention and inputs.

Nature did not allow weak cattle to survive.  Nature did not administer chemical worming/parasite control, feed processed grains or provide other types of other chemical, environmental, and other CRUTCHES.  Nature did not hand out cattle WELFARE in creating her environmentally and ecologically perfect bovine, the Texas Longhorn.

I do not agree with the welfare typical of conventional cattle ranching.  Peeler Texas Longhorns do not need, participate in, nor accept Longhorn Welfare.

The only food products which are supplemented to the Peeler Texas Longhorn herd are free choice minerals and protein or energy as needed.  I provide these minerals and protein since my man-made fences inhibit my cattle's roaming to naturally acquire adequate mineral and food sources.

The only pharmaceutical any Peeler Texas Longhorn (which stays in the Peeler Herd) receives in an eight-way vaccination for all weaned calves and calf-hood vaccination for replacement heifers (in the mid 1990's the Peeler Herd actually had to quarantined due to a neighbor's cattle having Brucellosis) or a tetanus shot for bull calves being banded to become steers.  Otherwise, I do not inject, pour-on, drench, or feed any chemicals to the Peeler Longhorn chemical wormer/helminthicides, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides... ("-cides" means "kill, kill, kill" Why would I want to "kill, kill, kill" when my goal is to "grow, grow, grow"...?)  Who gave chemicals to longhorns before modern, conventional ranching?  Why would I inject my cattle with some chemical I would not feed my own children?

Peeler Texas Longhorns are raised to be in sync with nature.  They are healthy, strong and resistant... or they die.  However, after hundreds of years on open, natural an additional 22+ years with me...Peeler Texas Longhorns hardly ever need CRUTCHES, chemical or otherwise.

If 99% of Earth's surface catastrophically vaporized, I believe standing BEHIND a Peeler Longhorn would be "THE mesquite tree and THE cockroach."

The Herd



Peeler Longhorn cows have one, simple job... raise and wean, unassisted and without inputs, a quality calf every year after first breeding at 13-15 months of age.  Longhorn cows that are the best at this in South Texas are around 875 pounds... which is smaller than most modern longhorns.


Peeler Longhorn bulls should be the most fit males in the herd.  To find which bulls are such, I try to allow nature to decide.


Peeler Longhorn heifer selection is quite easy.

Heifers are left in the herd where they can live with and learn from the best teacher in nature, their mothers... unless the heifer has an obvious problem and is removed from the herd by me.  The heifers (and cows) have 66 days to breed when the herd sire yearling bull is put with the herd.

All heifers must have a calf by two years of age and EVERY year thereafter.


The Peeler Longhorn Herd is gathered and worked once every year.  At this time, calves are tagged and branded for identification and association registration purposes, castrated and calf-hood vaccinated as needed.