Beef for Sale

Grass Fed Longhorn Beef for Sale

Obviously, Peeler Texas Longhorn beef is grass fed on pasture grass without chemicals; naturally and range raised with no hormones, antibiotics or steroids; humanely handled; lean; flavor filled; etc....

Peeler Texas Longhorn Grass Fed Beef is available at select times of the year, usually June and/or October.

Peeler Texas Longhorn Grass Fed Beef is sold by the live animal.  When you buy the animal, you pay for the Total Live Weight (TLW) of the animal multiplied by the price per pound.  The weight of packaged beef you get from your animal depends somewhat on the type cuts and processing you have done.  Typically, once I sell an animal, I will transport the animal for you to the processor.  You are then responsible for contacting the processor for your custom processing orders.  (Most people prefer lean longhorn beef to be ground and/or made into custom products.)


Whole Beef                 $2.50/lb TLW

Typically, the TLW of the longhorn will yield around 50% weight of take-home meat.  As an example, a 900 pound animal usually will yield around 450 pounds of meat.

Head with Horns            $$$varies

Hide                                 $$$varies